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Solar parks – the timing and the opportunities are perfect

Landfills, business parks, agriculture and pastures. There are many convenient locations for solar parks. With solar energy, one can quickly and easily build new power production plants – with minimal conflicts and damage to nature.

Endra is a member of the sun energy association, Solenegiklyngen, which has over 100 members, collaborating for the growth of solar energy and energy systems. «It is the vision of the partners in Solenergiklyngen (The Solar Energy Cluster) to make Norway the world’s best arena for innovating and testing solar and energy systems. The partners’ mission is to ensure better solar energy solutions for all, through showcasing innovative solutions trough a national and international ecosystem for innovation and commercialization. The main goal is to create growth by industrializing sustainable world-class solar energy solutions,” Solenergiklyngen summarizes.

Solar parks

Solenergiklyngen contributes with positioning and framework conditions for solar parks. They emphasize the increasing need for expertise on how large-scale solar power can help reduce the worlds’ greenhouse gas emissions.

– There is a need for new schemes to reduce risk, as solar parks are most often built in places with political and financial risk.

In Norway, the development of solar power has mostly taken place on roofs and facades of buildings, and the Solar Energy Cluster also believes that this will continue.

Based on «Source for Roadmap and Multiconsult», it has been calculated that there is a theoretical potential for development between 30 and 50 TWT.

Increased demand for electricity

“Considering the new plans for electrification, Norway will face an energy deficit by 2030 if we do not develop more power. Solar energy is the simplest and fastest method for developing new power, and solar power provides the least conflict and encroachment on nature “, argues Solenergiklyngen.

Endra is among the members who plans to build solar parks in the near future. Solar power has become much cheaper, solar parks are profitable and can be developed without subsidies.

Location options

When it comes to the location of the solar parks, Norway offers many favorable solutions in. It can be in business parks with high demand for electricity, waste facilities or agriculture. Ground-mounted solar power is easily combined with food production or grazing animals, and might thus be a favorable solution for both landowners and farmers. The animals can easily graze or seek shade under the ground-mounted facilities that stand on pillars. Another advantage is that the solar parks are fenced in to keep predators out, and that they are regularly supervised.

To avoid conflicts, everyone who applies to NVE to build solar parks must go through a thorough process of dialogue and anchoring with the landowner and municipality. Consequently, a risk assessment is made to avoid conflicts.

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