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  • Jostein Jacobsen

    416 53 831 [email protected]

    Jostein studies at the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen, where he is in his final year at master's level in financial management. At Endra, Jostein works with the development of financial models, profitability calculations and budgets. He also carries out various strategic analyses, and contributes creatively to the work of developing Endra's strategy.

  • Magnus Bertelsen Tornes

    Economics and finance
    924 69 031 [email protected]

    Magnus is a civil economist specializing in accounting and auditing, and is a state-authorised auditor. He has 5 years' experience as an external auditor at EY, and works with a wide range of clients from SMEs to listed clients. In addition to his role in Endra, Magnus has a position as Controller in the Haugaland Kraft group.

  • Tomasz Pikora

    Project developer
    925 40 696 [email protected]

    Tomasz works as a project developer and is trained as an electrical engineer with over 15 years of experience in the energy industry. He specializes in managing renewable energy projects in all stages of development, both onshore and floating PV. He also has experience with power storage and control systems and has participated in the development of pilot projects to optimize energy consumption.

  • Akif Papas

    Head of business development
    917 49 374 [email protected]

    Born 1973. Employed in Endra since 2022. Papas has extensive experience in strategy work and is passionate about branding. Among other things, he has been sales director at CGI, with responsibility for sales and market strategy for power and network companies. He has been permanent member of the jury that nominates and selects The World's Best Energy Brands during the annual CHARGE conference in Reykjavik since 2017.

  • Gunn Margareth Lassesen

    Director of Communications
    982 37 034 [email protected]

    Lassesen went to hotel management school in USA, has pedagogical education from the University College in Akershus and studies in organization and management from the University College of Western Norway (formerly the University College Stord/Haugesund). Lassesen was first employed by Haugaland Kraft in January 2007 as section manager for customer service. She has extensive experience in hotel management and management, from USA and Norway, as well as managing courses and teaching activities. She came to Haugaland Kraft from a management position in the Rica Hotels in Haugesund.

  • Kristian L. Gautesen

    920 15 077 [email protected]

    Kristian has 17 years of experience in the energy industry, both nationally and internationally. He was head of business development at Haugaland Kraft Energi AS and worked at Equinor ASA with renewable energy and CO2 trading, and as a special advisor on climate strategy and sustainability. He has experience from research and consulting activities from BI Business School, Pöyry Management Consulting, Greenstream and Mercer Human Resource Consulting. He has a degree in Civil Economics from BI School of Economics.