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It is happening right now!

Improved technology and decreased costs, makes it possible to produce solar power on big, commercial plants in Norway. Endra aims to become a leading player, developing, owning, operating and building solar enegy plants – as well as selling solar energy to markets inn Europe and the Nordics.

Projections for Norwegian solar production towards 2030 shows great potential for energy production, job creation, and export.

Former oil- and energy minister Marte Mjøs Persen

The advantages of grand scale solar energy production:

  • Industrial sized plants on ground level provides the most cost-effective distribution of solar energy.
  • A robust and sustainable energy-solution, that provides 40 years of energy production.
  • No permanent intervention to nature, unlike most other energy plants.
  • Reversible and scalable as the technology evolves.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Sustainable, locally produced, clean energy.
  • Increased demand for renewable energy in our district

“I see solar becoming the new king of the world´s electricity markets”

Faith Birol, director of the International Energy Agency (IEA)

Why solar energy?

The world embraces solar power, and the demand is on the rise. Solar power utilizes our largest source of energy.

Solar power is clean, easily available, and inexhaustible. Earth receives 15.000 times the worlds yearly energy consumption each year, so the potential here is enormous.

Solar energy is produced trough light- and heat radiation from the sun, and the conditions in Norway and the Nordics are advantageous. Summers and spring have many hours of daylight, and cold temperature. This reduces energy loss, taking maximum advantage of the sun-hours.

According to NVE, energy demand in Norway is expected to increase by approximately 30 TWh nearing 2030, and the ongoing electrification. In their analysis of the energy market, 6-10 TWh of this demand could be met by solar energy.

Be a part of the change!

The solar energy adventure is about to start – do you want a part in it?
Endra is working for a brighter future. We need your thoughts and ideas.