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About Endra

Endra means change – a new way of thinking. We are entering a new era, the green change. The electrification process increases the demand for energy production in the future, and solar energy is essential to the transition to sustainable energy production.

Founding Endra

Endra AS was established in Haugesund in 2022. Endra’s ambition is to establish solar plants (>10 MW) in Norway, Sweden and Denmark – and become one of the market leaders in the Nordic countries. We aim to establish a pilot plant in 2023, from which we will harvest experiences in parallel with new plants being built.

Endra will focus on “grey” areas – places with existing industry, or places which can be utilized in new, sustainable ways. Examples are closed quarries, garbage dumps or sizeable rooftops.

Endra is part of Haugaland Kraft, an energy concern with 500 employees, based in Haugalandet, Sunnhordaland, Ryfylket and Hardanger. The company is a member of the sun energy association, Solenegiklyngen, which has over 100 members, collaborating for the growth of solar energy and energy systems.

Norway has expansive plans for electrification and is facing an undersupply of energy, by 2030. Solar energy is the quickest and simplest method of increasing the energy production, and it is also the least invasive to nature.

Modern solar plants are getting more efficient, and our region is advantageously located for solar energy production. Endra represents change – a new way of thinking. In times of change, solar energy is a central part of the important transition to sustainable energy production.

Solar energy is already changing the world

The roadmap for the Norwegian solar energy business states that solar energy will become the biggest player in the energy market during the next two decades.

“The growth in solar energy will create significant opportunities for the Norwegian business community and society.”

An important thing to emphasize, is that the solar energy business is already changing the world.

“Solar energy is rapidly becoming the worlds’ largest energy source.”

The Norwegian solar energy business is managing well internationally and is ready to increase its contribution.

“Solar energy might become an important factor in Norway, regarding job creation, revenue, export, energy supply, innovation and sustainability”, the roadmap argues.